Selected Songs From Live Shows

Selected Songs

Jardin D'hiver

From our record release show, featuring Jousikaiku String Quartet!


A popular composition by Django Reinhardt from 1942, named after a neighborhood in Paris, near Montmartre.

The Snake Charmer

This is an arrangement from our violinist Laura! It's the two Snake Charmer songs combined into one! Cool!

Valse 40

We really needed a waltz in our repertoire, so Laura wrote this one for Aki's 40th birthday. A beautiful tune, indeed!


Django Reinhardt fancied to listen to a black jazz singer called Mabel Mercer and composed this cool song with an irresistible groove.


An absolute classic composed by the great Charles Chaplin in 1936, this arrangement of ours has been in our repertoire for a long time.

Stompin' At Kaisa's

An original song written by Tero. He was inspired by a gig we played at a wedding, where the guests were dancing and stomping so hard the whole wooden building was shaking!


An original song written by Kimmo. First appearence on Jazz Partout's album Ravi (2007). Here re-arranged for DCH by Aki.


This is our version of a version played by Oscar Aleman's orchestra. Ernesto Lecuona wrote this in the 20's.

Billet Doux

Love letters, not a Django song but he recorded this one in 1938 and 1947.

Anniversary Song

Originally, a waltz from 1880 by Ion Ivanovic, this here is Laura's awesome arrangement for us!


We did a trio show, which was a lot of fun! This is a Ninine Garcia song.

Start Over

An original song written by Aki. It's about, well, starting over. And over. And over again. :)


Django's composition from 1950. This was definitely influenced with a thing happening in the states at the time called be-pop.