The Best In Finnish Gypsy Jazz

@ Juttutupa w/ Sami saari!

Next week @ Juttutupa with the godfather of finnish soul & swing, mr. Sami Saari 👀 - it’s going to be hot! FB-event ▶️ HERE.

Guitar Squad v2 Surfacing Soon

On this gig, we're introducing the next generation in our rhythm-guitar-squad! This iteration of the band is going to dwell more in depth into the modern aspects of our style in the future. 16/06/2022 show in Juttutupa // FB-event HERE.

B-Mobie Inspired Teaser!

21/04/2022 show in Juttutupa // FB-event HERE.

News Shows Announced!

We've booked new shows for the remaining fall season @ Juttutupa! Visit the events page and mark the date.

Pics From Tapiola

A great turnout and a beautiful setting @ Tapiola, thank you all!

April Jazz Club Announced

We're going to be appearing in April Jazz Club, Tapiola in a couple of weeks on August the 20th. It's going to be awesom-o!

Pics from Baltic Jazz 2021

Next Week @ Baltic Jazz

We'll be live @ the Baltic Jazz festival Sat 10/07 with Julia Korkman. Come check it out! More details here.

Music for the elderly

Aki & Tomi played swinging music for the elderly in several nursing homes in Espoo.

Où es tu, mon amour?

Where are you, my love? Here, obviously referring to the absence of live audience and the overall experience of doing this art together with real & actual people. Here's Aki & Laura w/ Julia Korkman in a beautiful video we shot and recorded live @ Alexander's Theater, Helsinki in April 2021. We'll also be doing a cool GIG with Julia next month so mark the date and prepare!