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Juki Välipakka

Juttutupa 18/11/2021 - See everything

Mika Huusari

Juttutupa 28/10/2021 - See everything

Antti Sarpila

Juttutupa 23/01/2020 - See everything

Tia Cohen

Juttutupa 23/01/2020 - See everything

Sami Saari

Manala 21/09/2018 - See everything

Kalevi Louhivuori

Manala 15/06/2018 - See everything

Verneri Pohjola

Manala 18/05/2018 - See everything

Marjo Leinonen

Manala 02/06/2017 - See everything

Tero Lindberg

Manala 16/03/2018 - See everything

Johanna Iivanainen

Manala 03/03/2017 - See everything

Tuomo Prättälä

Manala 16/12/2016 - See everything

M.A. Numminen

Manala 14/10/2016 - See everything

Soul Sisters

Kellokoski 22/07/2016 - See everything

Aili Ikonen

Manala 13/05/2016 - See everything

Pentti Lahti

Kerava 09/12/2015 - a splendid evening in a packed house with the finnish legend of reeds, mr. Pentti Lahti. Here interpreting Earl Bostic's Moonglow, essentially some kind of pre-surf music blended with some rooted Gypsy Jazz rhythms. Special!

Riku Niemi

Django Collective Helsinki @ Café Kinuskilla, Kellokosken kesäsoitto - festival 2014 featuring Riku Niemi! Here we do a jazz standard composed by Juan Tizol and first performed by Duke Ellington in 1936. The first version of the song was recorded in Hollywood in 1936, performed as an instrumental by Barney Bigard and His Jazzopators.