The Best In Finnish Gypsy Jazz

Aki in Helsingin sanomat


Protesting peacefully, camping for a week and counting in front of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. In support of the neglected professional musicians out of work without proper compensation during the pandemic. This landed Aki a spot in our nations biggest daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat! The full story here.

Review from Greece

A nice review from Greece! (in english) Read it here.

More Praise From the Netherlands!

Yet another awesome album review! "The power of this record lies in the combination of technical mastery, passion for the swing and pleasure in playing together." writes Dani Heyvaert in rootstime.be. Read the whole thing here.

Review from the Netherlands

A nice review in dutch! They didn't care much for our cd-cover, the name of the band nor the name of the album - but they absolutely loved the music 🕺! Read it here.

Another Great Review!

Yet another absolutely great review in the Finnish Folk Music Magazine by Antti Kettunen! Read it here.

Haapavesi Folk 2019

Had a lot of fun in a fully-packed tent @ Haapavesi Folk with Sami Saari! Keskipohjanmaa- magazine also wrote a brief article, check it out!

Live Review in Helsingin Sanomat

A really cool review in Helsingin Sanomat by Katri Kallionpää!